What is McAfee QuickClean and How it Works

Want to get rid of web and email clutter that may occupy space on your device? Get McAfee QuickClean and surf your favorite websites without any hassle. This specialized web program diagnoses and removes the files that get stored when you browse the internet. These files may be in the form of cookies, web history, e-mail downloads, etc.

With McAfee QuickClean on your device, you can be sure of that your PC is junk-free and your data is safe. The dedicated security program includes plenty of features that help it to serve its function properly. These features include:

Detects Spyware

Spyware is the program that secretly accumulates your confidential data while you surf the internet. This harmful threat sends your information to the third-parties without your consent. To prevent you from such breaches, Quick Clean (that gets activated through McAfee activate) comes into action. It enhances your digital privacy by creating a security shield around your device. Moreover, it makes the user aware that who is keeping a watch over their online activities.

Comes up with a Custom Rule Creation Wizard

By enabling customize file cleanup, the security program by McAfee allows you to create a list of files, folders, and drives that you need to keep away from the prying eyes of the hackers. This wizard helps to make your computer system free from junks, temporary files, and other harmful files.

Enhanced internet cleaning

When you quit any browser, there are certain files that keep on running in the background. To make sure your computer gets free of these unwanted background files and processes, McAfee QuickClean initiates the internet cleaning.

Availability of QuickClean lite

If your device is running out of the space, then install McAfee QuickClean Lite, which includes all the benefits of McAfee QuickClean.

For further information about this product or McAfee retailcard, it is recommended to visit McAfee’s official website or reach out to its customer support team.

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