How to manually scan your Windows PC in Safe Mode with McAfee Virus Scan

McAfee Virus Scan is one of the many products of McAfee Company which got replaced by McAfee Endpoint Security. It isn’t available as a standalone app and the scanning can be done in both the ways automatic as well as manual.In case you’re unable to run a scan or McAfee is unable to clean or delete any virus then follow the instructions as listed below –

  1. Start your system in the ‘Safe mode’.
  2. In case your PC is open, shut it down.
  3. Restart your PC.

mcafee activate

Note-PC will start with a set of instructions known as ‘Basic Input/Output System’ (BIOS). What is displayed on the screen depends on the BIOS manufacturer.  Some of the systems show a progress bar which is referred to the word BIOS and others wouldn’t be able to get the notification of the same.

  • Start tapping on the ‘F8’ key from your keyboard as soon as BIOS done with the processing.
  1. Continue with the process until the ‘Windows Advanced Options’ menu appears.

Tips-In case you’re too soon on tapping F8 key then you may encounter with message ‘keyboard error’, restart your system and try again later.

  1. Choose ‘Safe mode’ from the arrow key on your keyboard.
  2. Press Enter button.
  3. Click on the ‘Start’ button from your system taskbar.
  4. Choose ‘All Programs’ followed by ‘McAfee’.
  5. Click on ‘On-Demand Scan’.
  6. All the local drives get highlighted.
  7. Select the option ‘Start’.
  8. McAfee activate Virus Scan will take some healthy time to scan your system depending on the quality of data on system’s drive (s).

Note– McAfee Virus Scan wouldn’t scan the encrypted files and you may see the following message File not scanned. To activate any McAfee product, you need to visit link on your web browser.

  1. When the McAfee activate Virus Scan gets complete you need to close the same.
  2. Restart your PC in a regular mode.

Tips- The above solutions are for Windows 7 and Vista. If you’re using Windows 8 version then look for the correct steps online.                      




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