McAfee is undoubtedly a trusted name in the world of cybersecurity. It offers the computer users an array of security software and anti-viruses that protects your devices from all kinds of online threats including phishing scams, hacking attacks, spyware, malware, and spam ware. The renowned security software provider gives the consumers and businesses the complete freedom to buy any of its products online from or offline from any of the authorized retail store.

When you purchase McAfee offline from a retail store, you receive a McAfee retail card along with an installation CD in the packaging. This McAfee retailcard has a 25-digit key written on the back of it. This key would be needed at the time of McAfee activate download and McAfee activation.

How to redeem McAfee Retail Card?

To redeem a McAfee retail card, all you need to do is open the packaging and take the card out of it. You will see the McAfee license key at the back of it. In addition to the key, you will also find step-by-step instructions for downloading the McAfee antivirus from

How to download and activate McAfee antivirus using McAfee retail card?

There are two ways of downloading and activating your McAfee antivirus:

  1. Visit mcafee activate 
  2. Enter the 25-digit McAfee activation code
  3. Log in to your McAfee account
    1. Enter the registered username and password
  4. If you are a new user then create a new account by providing the essential details
  5. Now, hit Download the Software button
  6. After downloading, double-click the downloaded file to begin installation
  7. Follow the onscreen instructions
  8. Go through the terms and conditions
  9. Click Install
  10. Now, open the installed McAfee software
  11. Under the subscription, choose activating your software
  12. Enter the McAfee product key once again and it’s done!
  • Via McAfee Retail Card Instructions

  1. Check the back side of the card and visit any web browser to open the given link
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions
  3. Enter the product key to mcafee download followed by the installation of your McAfee product
  4. Activate it now!

How to reinstall your McAfee subscription using McAfee Retail Card?

Re-installation is required when you uninstall McAfee subscription from your device. To re-install, you need to look for the key on the McAfee retail card. Now, access your McAfee account by entering the registered email ID and password on the official website of McAfee.  Now, download the subscription from purchased subscriptions list and then install it using the old installation process.

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