McAfee Releases Report for Over A Dozen of Fraud Billing Android Apps

In a recent analysis of McAfee cyber security organization, users came to know about the existence of infected Android apps that are developed with the intention to perform billing frauds. The apps have already affected nearly 50,000 devices, revealed by reports. With the rate of spreading the program over a huge number of devices and being used on a global level, hackers and other ill-intended partners have been planning to develop new methods and utilities to steal money developing new tools to steal money from unaware users.


Security experts from McAfee activate also mentions that they have been tracking a group of programmers name “AsiaHitGroup Gang” ever since they detected about the infected app available for download. The event of causing billing frauds came into play at the beginning of 2016.

McAfee claims the team returned with a repackaged version of one of its installer apps named “Sonvpay.C” which delivers fake update notifications and tricks consumers into subscribing to premium services.

How do the infected Android apps work to scam you?

The global security software company claims about the response of the team that disclosed the repackaged version of one of its installer apps named “Sonvpay.C”. The application functions by delivering fake updates and tricks that convince consumers to subscribe to premium services offered by the app.

After doing what mentioned by the app, the unsuspecting users end up that they are approving an app update when notified with all the instructions triggered by Sonvpay.C. The original version of the is calculated to have scammed at nearly 20,000 people.

The original version of the fraud the medium of sending false messages and later included WAP billing and the updated version of the phishing scam employs silent app notifications to evade detection.

It is now recommended to keep the phone scanned with McAfee activate in order to detect any kind of unauthorized or infected android app. Visit to activate the subscription.

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