McAfee MVISION enhances cloud security with advanced protection

McAfee MVISION has introduced with a vision of empowering Mobile devices with a cloud-based security system that protects data within the cloud network. Stay ahead with best cloud security available only through   

The strategy is to build an integrated as well as modernized open-system environment where mobile devices and cloud services are the architectural control points tied together by intelligent security operations. McAfee activate via helps you access the services.


MIVISION defends your mobile devices to ensure an uninterrupted connectivity and its compatible with all types of Android and iOS devices. It is a simpler approach to overcome the intricacy produced by the evolving swarm of a range of device variants, security products and consoles. Activate MVISION via device-to-cloud cyber security.

MVISION’s ability to detect online threats is praiseworthy and removes them before they bring any harm to your device’s immunity. It offers your Android and iphone devices all around protection and addresses evolving challenges in today’s threat landscape. Here are some of the advanced features of McAfee activate MVISION:

  • McAfee Activate: Unlike previous security platforms, MVISION can help you streamline the process of viewing your threat event data. Previously, the information can only be accessible by running multiple queries via website Now, it is accessible through a single viewpoint.
  • Always ready to thwart advanced attacks while you’re on the move
  • McAfee MVISION sits directly on your phone as a watchful guard to give all-time protection despite the types of network you use – via a corporate network, public Wi-Fi, or cellular carrier or even offline. helps you download and install MVISION on your device.
  • Besides, McAfee MVISION is an innovative part of McAfee portfolio, offering an improved view into security operations, where consolidated management, comprehension and inclusive control over you digital life takes center stage.
  • It is flexible with your current and evolving cloud-based mobile security needs as you migrate to the cloud services.
  • As a simplified security program, it is open, intelligent and integrated as well as compatible across a myriad range of devices and platform using a single console.
  • It can manage and deploy McAfee Activate products and third party applications via, or even the pre-installed security of your mobile devices
  • You can use the same security subscription on multiple devices.
  • Enforce data loss prevention laws across data in the cloud network
  • Prevent unauthorized sharing of sensitivity data with unknown persons
  • Avert sync/download of corporate data on personal devices
  • Instantly detects compromised account, threats from inside, cyber attacks and malware
  • Uses encryption keys to encrypt data that only accessible to you
  • Analyze and strengthen cloud security settings to its fullest capacity
  • Understand cloud services in use and their risk profile.

Discover the latest innovation of your choice in the MVISION Family –

MVISION empowers android and iOS devices with consolidated management tools, back-end automation and an integrated framework. It protects your data prevent cyber attacks, and build up a more sophisticated security panel.

McAFee MVISION Family includes:

  • McAfee MVISION EndPoint
  • McAfee MVISION ePO
  • McAfee MVISION Cloud
  • McAfee MVISION Mobile

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