McAfee Mobile Security is not able to track my mobile phone

McAfee Mobile Security helps you to keep your data secured from all kind of cyber threat. Along with virus and threat protection, users have the access to track their mobile phone. McAfee mobile tracking system has made it effortless to locate mobile phone in case it is lost or stolen.

However, at time, despite having McAfee mobile security on your device, your approach to track down your phone goes unsuccessful. In such a case, you need to make sure that your mobile phone’s settings have been set properly and the McAfee activate version is active. If not, then the instructions below will help you take down the problem.

mcafee mobile security

To make the full utilisation of McAfee antivirus installed on your mobile phone (Android 5.9 and later) you should allow these permissions.

How to turn on GPS settings for McAfee?

  1. Turn on GPS and related settings
  2. Add McAfee Mobile Security to the Device Administration list
  3. Switch on Accessibility for McAfee Mobile Security
  4. activate the SIM tracker in your device

Once you are done with the above steps, continue with the following. Here are some steps to switch on or activate these Mobile Settings. Choose any one of them.

Steps to add McAfee Mobile Security in Device Administration index

  • Turn on GPS

  1. Go to the McAfee mobile security
  2. Press Notifications and expand the section
  3. When you see the option of ‘Find Your Lost Device’ tap and open it
  4. Now open device Settings/Location configuration page
  5. Tap the option to turn on GPS

After completing the above steps, follow next to complete all the settings needed to fix the issues with McAfee mobile tracking system.

Add McAfee Mobile Security under Device Administration list

  1. Go to McAfee Mobile Security
  2. Press Find Device
  3. Select uninstall Protection
  4. Press Activate to open the Device Admin Page
  5. Press Activate

Please note that all these settings will only be applicable if you have an activated and licensed version of McAfee mobile security. In case you do not have a licensed product, either purchases McAfee retailcard from a retail store or go for online subscription, and then do the required setting chances.

Switch On Accessibility for McAfee Mobile Security

  1. Go to McAfee Mobile Security
  2. Press Find Device
  3. Press Lock
  4. Press Switch On
  5. Press McAfee Security, Press it to turn ON and OK

Switch ON the Track SIM

  1. Go to McAfee Mobile Security
  2. Press Find Device, and then press Track SIM
  3. Press Activate

If you are facing problem while accessing McAfee Mobile Security, open your mobile web browser and login to to make the above changes from browser or you can get direct assistance from customer support.

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