McAfee joins hands with PC tech giant Dell and Verizon

A Leading cybersecurity firm McAfee announced that it would extend its long-term collaboration with Computer tech giant “Dell” and launch a joined venture that will help users to protect their smart devices with pre-installed security software.


Cybercrimes are threatening the privacy of millions of users globally. Cyber infiltration against all internet-connected devices are rising, critically compromising the security of digital world. McAfee Activate security program is able to detect at least 3 to 4 new pieces of malware every second, which is a major concern for all of us as our digital life is at the risk of exposure. The report indicates that we must go for best defense to fight against the threat of data compromise.

The tactics discovered by the cybercriminals in recent times are evolving and outreaches to all sorts of devices that are inter-connected via a home network. Such devices are regularly being targeted by hackers to extract sensitive data of users such as bank details, and could be used as a bargaining chip for ransom.

McAfee Activate cyber security lab 2019, predicted that cybercriminals would target smart home networks in 2019 to take control of IoT devices. They said that a huge number of people are now opting connected devices, which could be an open window for cyber infiltration if left unchecked for viruses and malware.

Dell is planning to provide its users with best internet security

With the extension of this partnership, Dell will provide pre-installed cross-device security software on PCs and laptops. Dell consumers and small business customers who purchase a new PC or laptop from an exclusive Dell showroom will have the option to install and get McAfee Activate software via on their smart devices as well such as smart phones and tablets.

Users who are particular about the plan or package can also visit to and go through services section. However, this collaboration will help to curb cybercrimes, and bring security of PCs and Laptop to the smart devices as well. McAfee is currently providing Internet security to more than 500 million customers across the globe.

As the cybercrimes become more sophisticated and pervasive, it is getting more important to have an all-powerful active security system on your devices, said Terry Hicks – Executive Vice President, consumer business group, McAfee. Our extended collaboration with Dell will provide users with cross-device security software that helps them protect what matters most.

The software will come pre-installed on all Dell Inspirion, XPS, Vostro and G-Series laptops globally with either 30 days and 1 year subscription plan depending on the country of purchase.

Furthermore, McAfee will also join hands with Verizon to bring security to all the devices that are connected to a home network, like Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

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