Having a problem while running McAfee File Lock? Find solution here

McAfee computer and mobile security librates you to share the access of your device with the person you want. With its File lock program, you can lock folders by setting a password. However, sometimes, the application stops working and makes users to face problem accessing it.


The problem might be taking place due to improper installation of McAfee file lock. In most cases, when the app is installed but you still cannot access it, chances of missing files are there. Although File Lock displays a overlay in the user interface of your McAfee software, this does not necessarily mean that File Lock is installed. To fix this error, start with initial measure of uninstalling the software using file removal tool, and the reinstall it from mcafee.com/activate manually. Now, do the changes or use it to see in the file lock is working well.

If this also does not fix the problem, you can follow up the instructions to give another try.

  1. Double-click on McAfee icon and launch the software
  2. Go to the Features page from the main page to see if File Lock is present
  3. If you do not see File Lock on the window, make the following changes:
  • Click right on McAfee M-shield icon given next to your PC’s clock (bottom-right portion). If there is no McAfee icon showing up, click the show more icons button to expand the options
  • Press Verify Subscription
  • Wait while the process is undergoing
  1. Once the Subscription verification process is completed, File Lock icon will start displaying on the Features page with the availability for installation.
  2. Click McAfee file lock option to install the program

In case you have the software which is not activated, either renew the subscription or active the product using your McAfee activate product key. This will help you use an error-free software utilities and its services.

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