McAfee download is offered by McAfee for your computer or any device for 30 days trial period. As McAfee is one of the leading software protection companies for cyber security, activate can be used to avoid the intrusions of viruses, phishing, scams, spyware, and malware or other similar hacking attempts. There are various McAfee products, which you can rely on, for your data protection and security.

List of McAfee Products-

  • McAfee Data protection & Encryption – Protects sensitive data like on premises, in the clouds, or at the endpoints
  • McAfee Database security – Get protection for critical databases, internal, external, and even intra-database exploits
  • McAfee Endpoint Protection – Correct, prevents and detects advanced threats with our new line of endpoints suites that make security
  • McAfee Network Security – Block advanced targeted threats and malware and defends against never before seen threats
  • McAfee Security Analytics – Machine learning and actionable threat reporting to identify sophisticated attacks and share threat intelligence insight across your environment
  • McAfee Security Management – Gain visibility and control across your entire security ecosystem. Security posture in real time
  • McAfee Server security – Secure private and public cloud workloads and servers with products that minimize CPU overhead
  • McAfee Security Information & event management (SIEM) – Provides the actionable intelligence you need to prioritize, investigate, and respond to threats
  • McAfee Web security – Enables secure web connectivity with technology that protects every device, user and location from sophisticated internet threats

You can go to to download and install the above-mentioned products.

To begin with, you need to install the activate security software on the device that you wish to secure. In addition, you will see download mcafee which can be used for a trial period of 30 days to witness and experience how the software works and protects. If found suitable, you can make a purchase for getting your device -activate protected.

Follow these steps for mcafee free download trial version for 30 days –

  • Go to
  • Select the McAfee icon and you will see a menu bar below the icon.
  • Select the ‘free trial’
  • When prompted, select ‘McAfee total protection’ which will be with the message of ‘Try 30 days for FREE’.
  • Now scroll down to fill in the requirements.
  • Proceed to install the software on your
  • Tap on ‘free download’ and the software will begin to download.
  • Launch the downloaded file and install the software on the device that you wish to protect.
  • Restart your PC and scan it thoroughly to continue the protection of media, data, and all other files.

Once the 30 days period is over, mcafee activation will prompt you to take a complete version. Please beware that McAfee free download services will stop after a few warnings once the trial period ends.

To purchase any product of www.mcafee/activate, choose an online subscription or go for McAfee retail card option.

While using -activate, you might face common errors or issues.

Email error: McAfee security automatically scans the outgoing and incoming emails through a useful protection method.

In case, you face an issue with the real-time scanning, follow the steps below:

  • Open ‘McAfee security software’ product installed on your device.
  • Now tap on the ‘short cut’ icon on the system screen. You can also select this program from the program folder.
  • Select the ‘Virus and Spyware Protection’ menu option.
  • Click on the ‘Real-time Scanning’ Uncheck the email attachment in the ‘Setting’ option. This will disable the email scanning function on your device.
  • Now click ‘Apply’.
  • To double-check, send a ‘Test Email message’ from your email account.

This is an effective solution to fix the McAfee ‘real-time scanning not working’ error.

Other common errors during the use of mcafee com/activate are:

  • Receiving messages while downloading or installing the McAfee product?
  • Freezing of the system frequently
  • Installing McAfee
  • Receiving error while logging in the McAfee activate.
  • Unable to connect to the internet

To solve these issues at your end, follow these steps below:

  • Ensure a decent/high connectivity of the internet.
  • Ensure that there is no security tool installed on your device already.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the McAfee product.

If the errors still occur, please feel free to consult our McAfee certified technicians by contacting us on our toll-free number. Our certified executives from the community are available 24/7 to solve your McAfee activate issues. You can also reach out to us on email or through chat.