Get a better idea of your Data with McAfee Application Data Monitor

Is your data or network being used and you are unaware of it? There are innumerable people across the world who are dealing with the same problem and have no idea about it. Moreover, it is easy to break all the secured access of your device with an unsecured network. And, due to this, many have become the victim of cybercrime.

To avoid this situation among people, McAfee, the global security software company has previously developed McAfee Application Data Monitor product that supports its users to keep their devices and the data in preserved forms.However, if you are uncertain of the decision of installing a security product, you must be sure about your data and network.


How would to find if your network is being used?

  • Find for application-based threats

See the entire content of an application and underlying compacts.  It could be an executable pattern set inside a PDF document or application itself, which can detect hidden malware and even furtive contact channels. Be vigilant when installing an application on your phone or computer as it could be a malicious file that can crash you system. Check for reviews and other information from trusted sources.

  • Determine data loss and obedience violations

Pay attention when you find a transmission of sensitive inside email through attachments, instant messages, file share, HTTP posts, or any other application, and receive a quick notification so you can alleviate the loss. If you have installed McAfee Activate in your device, you will find an alert in the emails that are unsafe.

  • Discover documents

Go to your phone’s file manages or to the location where all the files and apps are stored and ensure if there is any unidentified file in there. If you fine any file with no or heavy size, which crashes when launched, it could be an unsafe source and may affect on the potential power of your device.

McAfee Application Data Monitor performs its tasks to identify more than 500 document types as they are swapped over networks. It also scans documents that have other documents inserted into them, archived files, compressed folders. The product also helps to encoded with actionable metrics.

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