McAfee Activate, the cyber security software used by users around the world has been delivering advanced technology protection features to keep your data protected. Since the hack rates are escalating the stats and therefore, developers at McAfee are engaged in enhancing the components for better performance.

If you are not among the users with no antivirus in your digital devices, you are highly exposed to the risk of cyber crime.  The hackers can easily access all your confidential information, whether it is your bank details or social media credentials. Make sure you have a subscribed version of McAfee security on your mobile as well as computer devices. Find what you need to do to protect you systems.

How do you install McAfee and scan your computer?

  1. Launch a web browser and search for
  2. Under the field of ‘Enter your 25-digit activation code’ type your McAfee activation key code and submit
  3. You are not prompted to the login page- Enter you credentials associated with your McAfee account
  • If you do not have an account, click on Register/ Sign up button to create an account
  • Enter the detail required and proceed
  • Users who have purchased McAfee Retail card from a retail store need to create account as they might not have an existing one
  1. You linked product with the activation code will turn up on the screen
  2. Click ‘Download your software’ and the security software will be downloaded on your computer
  3. Launch McAfee Activate for installation- follow the prompts as displayed on the screen.
  4. The installation may take several minutes. Do not suspend the process else McAfee installation errors may occur.
  5. Restart your computer and launch the software once installed
  6. Press ‘Full PC scan’ and wait until the scanning completes

Once done, McAfee activate will display its analysis of detected and removed viruses. Make sure the software is updated for dynamic protection. In case the software is not activated or you not responding to your commands, you might have encountered errors. Possible McAfee errors that may occur on your computer:

McAfee Errors on your phone on your computer

  • Incompatible software found
  • McAfee installation error
  • McAfee key code fail
  • McAfee authentication failure
  • Unlicensed product
  • Expired subscription
  • Renewed the subscription but not working

Other errors may also take place with McAfee Activate on your computer. When you bogged down with any of the errors, it is recommended to connect with official McAfee customer support for assured fix.If you need to secure data saved on your mobile device, it is necessary to install activated McAfee antivirus on it. Before you start off with the installation of McAfee for Android, make sure you phone has the required free space and supports the app.Once you are sure with the necessities, you may proceed to get the app working on your phone.

How do you install McAfee and scan your Smartphone?

  1. Tap Google Play Store to launch and search for your subscribed McAfee product
  2. Choose your product from the list and proceed
  3. Tap the install button
  4. On Terms & conditions page, tap mark on the box to confirm your agreement and this will start the complete downloading and installing of the app
  5. In case there is any compatibility issue, you will notice alerts or the installation will get suspended
  6. Tap on the McAfee icon once installed and login to your profile

Make sure you use the account details associated with your account, as it will help the subscribed product to synchronize with your phone. However, it is possible you encounter problems during the process.

McAfee Errors on your Android:

  • Unable to access McAfee for Android
  • Failing to use existing Mobile Security subscription with a new device
  • McAfee drains the battery faster
  • Trouble while making settings to protect the SIM
  • Slowing down in Android’s performance

Users also experience other errors than the mentioned. Go for the official support providers instead of trying to fix it by yourself as you might end up making it more complex. Also, keep the subscription updated for constant protection.

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