Ensure high-performance web security with McAfee Web Gateway

Worried about the web security? Don’t be, as McAfee offers specialized security solutions to ensure the safety of your data and the protection of your digital world against all kinds of threats. Named as McAfee Web Security, the security software is capable of securing the web where millions of viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, and malware lurk.

Wondering how? The McAfee product (which requires a McAfee activate product key) comes up with several unmatched security features that helps it to protect the devices from web attacks. These features are:

Protects incoming and outgoing traffic

McAfee Web Gateway, the specialized web security program by the global cybersecurity leader offers comprehensive security solutions to secure web traffic. It follows one-performance appliance software architecture to ensure the inbound and outbound traffic doesn’t affect the security of your device.

Finds out zero-day malware

With proactive detection of zero-day malware, the dedicated web security program delivers the complete protection to the device from the web traffic.

Utilizes category-based filtering  

With plenty of filtering functionalities, it helps in gaining the web reputation.

Enhanced web protection

A part of McAfee Web Protection, which can be downloaded from mcafee.com/activate, this security software delivers optimal protection for the users accessing the internet on different devices.

Strict rules and advanced policies for the web protection

It allows unlimited flexibilities and complete web security tailored particularly for your organization. SHP immediate takes an action on any element of the web request-response cycle.

Total threat protection

The dedicated McAfee security software not only offers protection against the threats but it also monitors that the data or the software already available on your device don’t get infected during their auto-updates. For this, it uses advanced filtering options and virus definitions.

For further information on McAfee Web Gateway and other McAfee products, it is recommended to visit its official website or call the customer support team. A technician will gladly assist you!


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