Configure McAfee Web Control policy to fight against cybercrimes

Internet-based crimes are rapidly increasing and to protect users against it, McAfee Web Control brings multiple layers of security. Just when you install McAfee activate, the software starts analyzing all the online activities whether you are surfing, sharing, or downloading a file.

When you follow the procedure of activating the software by using McAfee activate product key and install it manually, you get error free process. Once you complete the process properly, you will only need to renew the product timely. It is essential to have active security software for stable support. Users with McAfee web control product have the choice to set control policy to receive the protection as per their needs.

The settings may not come as default; therefore, you need to configure the web control setting options. For sorted manual process, find the steps below. Please note that the changes are applicable on Macintosh devices and may not work for other devices or operating system or there could be slight change in the steps.

How to configure McAfee Web Control options policy?

  1. Visit and login to your account to access the McAfee ePO sever as an administrator
  2. Go to the Policy Catalog page and select Endpoint Security Web Control product
  3. Choose the Options as the category
  4. Click New Policy, enter a name for the policy you want to create and then click OK
  5. On the Policy Catalog window, select the policy that you created to expand the changes, then define the categories below:
  • Web Control
  • Event Logging
  • Action Enforcement
  • Exclusions
  1. Once done, click Save to complete the procedure

You have now configured McAfee Web Control Options policy successfully and this will provide you better layer of shield whenever you surf the internet. Making the changes may also allow to auto-delete files or applications when detected to be infected. In case you fail to complete the process, it is recommended to go for the official McAfee customer support for assured fix.

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