A trick to get McAfee LiveSafe 2018 Activation Code Free Download

Every internet user is now well aware of the fact that the platform is filled with viruses and risks. One wrong click and you can lose your years of savings; hence, it is required to protect devices with McAfee LiveSafe activation code.

While having active McAfee LiveSafe 2018 on your active device, you get multiple advantages that you may not avail with free download. Yet many users try to download free McAfee LiveSafe 2018 on their device. Thankfully, it is possible to install and secure the data with mcafee.com/activate, here is how.


Steps to get McAfee LiveSafe 2018 Activation Code Free Download

  1. Open mcafee.com/activate on an updated web browser
  2. Below the ‘Enter your 25-digit activation code’ field, click on ‘download your software’ to get redirected to the next page
  3. As you click on the link, you will be directed to McAfee login page, click on Register now button
  4. On the next page, enter all the required detail and click I Agree
  5. Confirm your account and go to the home page
  6. From the main menu, click Free trail option
  7. Click Free download and a McAfee free trial will be downloaded on your device
  • You will not require McAfee LiveSafe activation code to install the software
  1. Install McAfee LiveSafe 2018 on your computer
  2. Reboot your PC

You have successfully downloaded McAfee LiveSafe 2018 on your device. Turn on the internet security and to get the latest update made in McAfee LiveSafe 2018 product, this will help you stay ahead with high-end data protection.

However, the free version of McAfee LiveSafe 2018 that you have recently downloaded will need to be activate with McAfee LiveSafe activation code or else you will not get any of the protection services and your device will be exposed to the internet risks again.  If you have a retailcard of McAfee LiveSafe 2018, make sure to redeem McAfee LiveSafe activation code.  Now, you can update the subscription by visiting at mcafee.com/activate and locating your McAfee LiveSafe activation code in its respective field.

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