4 ways to protect your online privacy in the modern world with McAfee

Nowadays, we spend most of our time online surfing for shopping or banking or on the social media. But little do we pay hindrance on our safety in online privacy and their consequences. Confidential data gets lost, money gets stolen, uploaded pictures of yours in the social media gets leaked, spam messages get forwarded to all your friends in the social media, and many other worst consequences.

There are certain things which allow you to get connected with the modern world –

  • IoT (Internet of thing)

This term is used for the connected devices which are connected to the internet like IP cameras, smart TVs and other applications, and interactive speakers. It usually comes up with the certain security features and sometimes comes with the password protection. But they are vulnerable to get hacked if the password remains to be same as provided by the company.

  • Computers and Smartphones

Cybercrooks are now more focused on making money by distributing the malware to cause chaos.  Cryptocurrency miners and ransomware are the two big examples of such. They ask for money in return for the safety data after they lock down the computers of the normal users’, businesses, and the government agencies.

The malicious apps in the smartphones have turn out to be the growing threats for the users globally. Through the mobile ads which can be seen in those risky apps, are designed so by the hackers to make money with that.

  • Networks

Not only are our devices vulnerable to get attack but our network too under which we connect our devices. Public Wi-Fi which is considered to be the most common place where the attacks are targeted and people fall prey to the attack.

Here, in this article learn about the 3 ways to protect your online privacy with McAfee.

Check out the 3 ways to protect your online privacy-

  1. Maintain a strong password

It doesn’t matter what you are using – social media, online banking, shopping or whatsoever, try to maintain your account with a strong password. A strong password consists of the unique password with certain special characters, numerical, and characters.

Or you can use McAfee Safe key (to download visit mcafee.com/activate) to store and save the username and password for your favorite websites.

  1. Protect the network connection and Firewall

It is recommended to use a secure wireless connection and strictly avoid using public Wi-Fi in the airport, railway station, and metro or on the shopping mall.  Using a firewall for protecting your system from the restricted network traffic is important. Check whether it is turned on and put the security sett8ings on high.

Install McAfee Internet Security to protect your network which you’re using for your work or for other miscellaneous purposes.

  1. Blocking the cookies

It is always advisable to block the third-party cookies on your respective browser to keep one step ahead towards safety. Blocking the cookies will make the cybercrooks work hard to get the username, whether you signed in automatically,and many such things.


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